Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sassy Pepper Giveaway!

I love days that are so carefree and make me feel like a little kid again.

Riding my beach cruiser to school today I was transported back to the days of George Michael on the radio and life without cell phones or reality tv. 80's Love.

Essentially my childhood.

As I rode along the streets everyone seemed so happy and I said hello to them all. This was easy to do since I can only ride like 1 mph, because my bike has no gears and it takes every muscle in my body to make it go.  And I am a weakling. Ahh just like a child.

While I floated along on my cloud of a bike I thought about how easy life seems when you're a kid.

Everything is magical and fascinating.

No regrets. No worries.

Just simple and happy and carefree.

Fortunately for you guys, I learned as a kid the importance of sharing.

Since I'm feeling so nostalgic lately I thought what better way to help all of YOU feel like a kid again than to give ya a little special something to display in your home!

The fabulous ladies over at one of my most favorite blogs The Sassy Pepper are offering a giveaway specifically for Our Lovely Life readers!

Not only can you win an adorable banner, but Our Lovely Life readers can use the coupon code
APRIL212 for the whole month of April to receive 25% off anything you want!

I am madly in love with their blog. I don't consider myself a crafty gal, but boy do I want to be one when I see all the cute stuff they create! Or at the very least I wish I lived near Kylie or Leisa so they can make that cute stuff for me.

 Check out this sweet family sign Kylie made here...I want one!

Their photo canvases are so cool..have you seen them on Pinterest yet? See the tutorial here!

I'm especially in love with this dresser they refinished...go here!

The Sassy Pepper is one of a kind so it's only fitting they made a one of a kind banner for one Our Lovely Life reader!

 Primary Colors at their finest.

It's perfect to brighten up any party!

 What better way to welcome summertime with open arms?


The Primary Colors Banner is 67 inches wide with 36 inches of red, yellow, and blue patterned pennants.

Handmade with Love.

To Enter:
(* All 3 steps are required to enter!)

a.) Follow "Our Lovely Life" publicly!

b.) Follow "The Sassy Pepper" here!

c.) "Like" The Sassy Pepper's Facebook page...go here!

d.) Leave me a comment and let me know you followed the steps and want to own the Primary Colors Banner!


*Giveaway ends: April 3, 2012 at Midnight PST. 

*Winner will be announced the following day: April 4, 2012


  1. I am a new follower to your blog and have followed Sassy Pepper on the blog and facebook for awhile now. I would love to win this one of a kind primary color banner! It would look great in my living room.

  2. I am a new follower of your blog - came over from Sassy Pepper! Thanks for the lovely giveaway -adorable banner!

  3. I also follow the Sassy Pepper! thanks!

  4. New follower! SO cute!! And would love the banner.

    Stopping by from the weekend friend hop!

    Love your site!


  5. I'm a new follower! I found you through my subscription to Sassy Pepper. I also follow her facebook page. Cute banner and just the colors of my house! :)

  6. I love your blog! I am here from the Blog Hop and am your newest follower!! please stop by my blog when you can!http://livingwithporteous.blogspot.com/

  7. Just found you sweet blog. Will be bookmarking it and following your family and ideas. Did everything to win this pretty banner. Thanks, Carol in NC