Thursday, March 8, 2012

a lucky giveaway or two!


I love them, don't you?

I noticed the other day just how much I adore them.

A fail proof way to know if you love something is if it's everywhere you turn..

Among other important jewelry...can you spot my wedding ring?

Around your neck (or about to be..)

Makeup bag a la Paris

The backside of the prettiest sweater in all the land

Today I spotted this gorgeous ring

And wished it could be mine.


A girl can dream.

And it's time for some good news!

For of all you ladies out there dreaming of bows just like me, my darling friend Jennie Moss, the ultimate creator in beautiful bows, is giving away 2 bows to 2 lucky Our Lovely Life readers!

If you don't know Jennie you really should..she loves Anthropologie, late nights, and making gorgeous bows and headbands for her Etsy shop jenniemariemoss!

The first bow...
The Becca- Peach Pink Houndstooth Bow
and the second bow is my personal favorite..

The Jane- Cream Lace Bow

I love the retro feel of Jennie's bows!  She uses high quality designer fabric and this particular bow has lace from the 1950's. LOVE it.

So you wanna win?

The rules...

You have 4 ways to enter this Giveaway so get to it!

1.) Follow "Our Lovely Life" publicly and leave a comment letting me know you are a follower!
 (1 entry-MANDATORY)

2.) Share this giveaway on Twitter and Facebook so all your friends think you're awesome and they have a chance to win too. (1 entry)

3.) Leave a comment telling me why you're feeling "Lucky" enough to win! (1 entry)

4.) Visit Jennie's etsy shop and let me know what items you love! (1 entry)

5.) For TWO extra entries "like" Jennie's facebook page and  Follow her blog Jennie Moss Design!

 Giveaway ends March 16th at Midnight PST

 WINNERS will be announced the next day, March 17th (Saint Patrick's Day!)

Best of luck to all of you!

P.S- Be sure to tell me if you've shared this post on Twitter or Facebook so that entry will be counted.


  1. I love reading your blog posts and I am so excited about this giveaway!

  2. I feel "lucky" enough to win because I wrote the first comment (and the second) and maybe even the third after I visit the etsy shop!

    1. haha Dara you are hilarious! Good answer!

  3. I love the megan kelly green bloom and all the tulle bows:)

  4. OM those are tres belle!!!! Loving the lace one.

  5. I'm lucky enough to win because I'm irish. I need a pretty bow like that so when I lose my temper I still look cute.... and I shared this on FB. :)

  6. Im a follower of your wonderful cute blog :)

  7. I feel lucky enough to win because today I went to Panda Express and my fortune cookie said, "Good fortune will come to you in the near future," and well I think these cute bows are definitely in the "Good Fortune" category :) ALso, I have always loved bows and these are just too darn cute to not try and win them.

  8. I love the "Lisa" and the "Megan" headbands. The "Megan" is such a pretty color and looks really good on the model. The "Lisa" I like because I adore headbands and have a heard time finding fancier ones to go with my dressier outfits. Very cute!

  9. I feel lucky enough to win because I am not only new to following your blog but I once dated your husband's brother! Also because I am in SERIOUS need of something pretty after suffering from first time mother's syndrome for most of the past year (i.e. pjs until the afternoon, 5 minute showers, no nail polish in months because my daughter likes to put my fingers in her mouth and wearing my husband's shirts to save the 3 "good ones" i have left.)

    I am in LOVE with the Kathryn and Lisa headbands. They scream vintage chic and I have just the dresses to wear them with!

    (I tweeted and shared AND liked!)

  10. I feel lucky enough to win because.. Today is just a great day

  11. I love all of Jennie's stuff. Seriously. I want her to send me some cute stuff (:

  12. That bow ring is very pretty! Hopefully your hubby will cross it off your wish list on a special occasion ;)
    Laundry Care

  13. I couldn't pick just one thing from jennie's etsy shop..I love how she makes her bows!

  14. Newest follower from make my morning hop. I'd be glad if you return the favor.