Thursday, September 29, 2011

The awesomeness of Women


Why are women so awesome?

-We are multi-taskers.
-We are creative.
-We look better in dresses than men. I'm just stating facts here.
-We make the best chocolate chip cookies in all the land. Or at least my mom does.
-We have children. Enough said.

You see I have a newfound respect for women these days.

But I have an even greater amount of respect for women who are willing to do the things that I refuse to do. Not because I can't. I do I say this...don't want to.

Pears to be exact.

I had never attempted canning before this year. And to be completely honest..all I really did was peel some pears. But that was enough for me.
Lots of them.
Not that I don't appreciate family time and all. Or pears. But canning is not fun. No sir.
Aw look how cute she happy to be canning.
My sister in law...she could've been a pioneer with those skills.
The women in my family are so...womanly. We all chatted while peeling and jarring our pears and it was right out of a 1950's movie. But all I could think about was, "Why the heck do we do this? Do I really love pears so much than I'm willing to spend hours preparing them for winter months? Isn't that what the canned fruit section at Fresh Market is for?"

Also does canning really save $$ because when you add up buying the jars, lids, produce, sugar, canning equipment, and hours of labor..just wondering.

Even baby Hugh was loving it.
Am I so unwoman-like that I hate this tradition? I am even willing to admit that it's a great one..just not when I have to do it.

So I have officially decided I was not meant to be a pioneer. Because not only would I be forced to beat our house rugs outside with a stick and (or while) churning would probably be required that I also participate in the glories of canning so that our family wouldn't starve. This led me to informing Andrew last night that we most definitely WOULD starve if that was the case. I have rights.

That's why I would now like to publicly declare that I'm happy to be living in 2011. A time where I have options. And a Fresh Market down the street. I like the canned fruit aisle..even if I never go down it.

And I'm happy to settle with only eating what's in season. I vow to not complain about my barren peach tree.
Women. Ahem. Other women..the canning type of women, are awesome.


  1. We were separated at birth. Amen. I super heart you!!

  2. LOL... I don't think it saves any more either but I actually do like canning. Canning is in the same category as sewing. You either love it or you don't. Again a great blog. Thanks April for making look forward to reading this each week.

  3. I will try again to "post" a comment! With that in mind, I would love all rights to pictures which go into least I could have curled my hair and not been standing in front! However, I couldn't have been in better company. Plus I learned a "new" term....jarring pears! April, you are a riot, honest you are!