Monday, September 12, 2011

Lipstick on my walls

When my M.I.L came to visit in May, we decided it was time to pick out accent colors for mi casa.  Her choice?  Something classy. Chic. Sophisticated.
Which is exactly why I chose the brightest, happiest, orangey-reddish color in all the land.


And just like any good shade of lipstick, I used it up til it was all gone.  Then I bought some more.  And just kept applying...
The wall in my front room

Canvas art above my couch.

My kitchen ceiling.

Front wall: The stripes were a quick decision while Andrew was at work that I think turned out pretty sweet.  Plus Andrew loved it once he made me promise to never say the words "I have a surprise when you get home!" again.  The accent table is actually a whole table I split in two.  It's better half resides in the other room, but she is a different shade of color altogether.  The lamp was gifted from gma..I just haven't had the heart to tell her the awful green marble is now a lovely black.

Canvas Art: Andrew made the frame originally for a chalkboard that never happened so we put it to good use..I live in indecision about whether or not I like how this looks, but I KNOW I like the frame.

Kitchen:  Dear mother in law...I hope we are still friends now that you know what I have done to the kitchen.  Let's be honest though, we both knew something was going to happen in this kitchen and once I decide what I want I can't be stopped.  Unless you tell me that I will no longer be going to Paris in December with the family, because in that case I will buy the whitest of all white paints and get to work.  P.S  just so you know..Andrew voted for teal and I think we both know orangey-red makes much more sense.  P.P.S I love you. A lot.


  1. I love the colors and the writing in the kitchen. I agree, teal was not the way to go !

  2. Love the gray and orange! Looks really good. Just recommended to google with your google +1 button! =) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Love, love, love the striped wall! I wish I was that brave!

  4. The orange is fantastic, so bold and bright!