Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meanwhile..back at the ranch

Sometimes I have really bad judgement.

Like the time I thought I could put a tiny hand warmer in the microwave for 5 minutes.  I just wanted it to be all warm and toasty in my pocket, so that when I had to brave a long day in the cold, at least my fingers would be happy.  The hand warmer ended up exploding and all the rice inside burned to a crisp and I am now forced to endure a lifetime of jokes and pictures to remind me of that fateful day.

Then there was the day back in high school when I left our cordless phone on the porch swing overnight.  It ended up raining (the first time in probably like a year) and the phone was ruined.  So of course anytime I wanted a little bit of freedom, because I was so responsible and all, I was reminded of the phone that never lived to see another sunrise.

Or there was that one time when we were moving into a house and I nominated myself to choose the paint colors for every room.  In the end, Ellie's room was so minty green that when you walked out you had fresh breath.  Let's not forget the guest room that was supposed to be this sweet shade of orange and actually turned out very...cantaloupe-ish.  I knew it was bad when my uncle came over and said, "these must be paint colors from the previous owners...thank GOODNESS you guys can paint in here!".  Alas those rooms have very neutral colors now.

So all in all, sometimes taking a big risk can pay off or it just makes everyone want to leave because it smells badly of burnt rice.  Either way...don't be afraid to be called a fool because it's possible that your craziest idea may be your best one!

The red table's better half 
Magazine canvas art
IKEA coat rack turned apron display

Painted and recovered this beauty.

Life is a little why don'tcha?

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  1. You are seriously a master. Thanks for always sparking new ideas in me and making sure that I laugh hysterically at the same time. You should make a trip up here to IF so we can meet your new baby. -Kari:)