Monday, September 19, 2011

The latest and the greatest

Well it was a pretty good little weekend.

We ate a lot of peaches.  Mostly because they are delicious.  And mostly because they have overtaken our backyard.  The peach tree towers over the rest of the garden..which you cannot see because of all the peaches.  We've been waiting all year for this.  

We watched some really terribly awful football.  It was embarrassing.  

We partied like fools with family and did our best to avoid all dish-cleaning, floor-sweeping, and bed-making.

We taught Primary.  Have you ever taught 8 adorable, talkative ten year olds?  Well, let me just say it's sometimes tricky to teach because they are SO adorable and SO talkative.  Like the conversation switches from the Savior washing the disciples feet to the boy in school who has dirty feet to the note that the teacher caught from adorable, talkative ten year old girl to said boy that the teacher read outloud.

"Do you: (circle one)
-Like me?
-Love me?
-Want to kick me?"

Ah. Young love.

But actually this weekend was in majority spent adoring Ellie. 

Because she really is the cutest little girl that ever was.

We LOVE Fall!


  1. Such a cute little family you have! Ellie is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the fun photos!