Friday, September 23, 2011

What doesn't kill you..

I think it's safe to say I'm an impulsive person.

I've been staring at this wall in my living room for's sort of opposite the tv so it's hard to miss. 

There was something wrong with it. 

But it's possible there could be something wrong with me instead.  My house has so much going on that I think I'm just bored by looking at a plain, painted wall.  I don't know if that's normal.

Am I normal?

So yesterday around 3pm I decided enough was enough..something had to be done.

So I started taping..not exactly sure what direction I'd end up in.  By the way, I believe the fastest way to start hating life is to tape a design on your wall.  Taping is crap.  Just crap.  Obviously you can see by the bottom stripes I was losing patience.

But then I began to make progress!

I had some help.

The final stripe on the bottom only took myself and Newman (the best taper in all the land) about an hour to tape.  An hour!  It only took me ten minutes to do the top stripes by myself and I just eyeballed it.  We even measured the bottom stripe and it took a lifetime.  Also I really love Newman who told me I looked really good and then I felt compelled to confess that the only thing I'd eaten all day was some Queso from Costa Vida.  Seriously that stuff is the best. 

Moving on...

I think it looks awesome!

Ellie loves it too.

What do you think?


  1. Looks awesome. Ah the ominous one stripe. haha. But, maybe it took that long b/c Newman was OCD, sending emails, holding babies, and whatnot in-between. :)

  2. I think you are so talented. Maybe you need to be an interior designer. And the baby is your best design so far!

  3. Your house just keeps getting better and better! I think I need to come see it in person sometime soon. (i seemed to have missed some posts...)