Monday, September 26, 2011

My two babes and a busy weekend

Weekend Highlights:

* Ellie showed off her spin moves to the whole family.  If she's sitting on the ground while we feed her, she takes a bite of food, spins around in a circle, takes another bite, does another get the idea.  It is awesome.
* On Friday it was the 2 year anniversary since we got engaged so we celebrated at Costa Vida.  Horchata and Queso are family favorites.
*With my two brothers visiting we saw Kung Fu Panda 2 and watched a lot of Modern Family.

* Ellie impressed all of us by throwing up on herself 5 minutes after we got to church.

* While on a run I found a yardsale where everything was $1.00, but the only thing I wanted was a chair that wasn't for sale.  Yardsale FAIL.

* I shed a tear when I went outside to pick peaches only to find a massacre under the tree where birds attacked all my precious fallen fruit.  Peach Cobbler days are over.

9/23/2009 We were in flight when Andrew proposed! Best.Day.Ever

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