Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't feed the animals

This is some serious stuff people.

When Ellie's hungry, she means business.

This ain't no time to be foolin' around folks.  Cause if you don't give her those nasty mashed up peas or pureed bananas when she wants it...

Watch. Out.

And she's not a slow eater.  Oh no.  She doesn't have time to waste.  People to see.  Things to do. 
You know..the usual.
She is a Giraffe..NOT a cow.

Fortunately..once you give her what she wants when she wants it she is a happy camper.  Or Giraffe I guess.
Easy Peasy.

Light and Breezy.

Be careful though...these animals can be dangerous (to your wallet or pantry) and are likely to attack at any given moment.
Don't make any sudden movements.
Luckily, once feeding time has ended, we find the Giraffe is content and ready to resume life in the wild.

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